Booth Group

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Welcome to the Booth Group
based in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford
The broad goal of our research is the synthesis and application of
controllable nucleic acids for biology and medicine


We are an interdisciplinary research group utilising techniques from organic/inorganic synthesis, chemical biology, biochemistry, synthetic biology, and molecular and cellular biology.




September: Great to have Naoki Tada starting his Part II in the group!

September: Welcome to the second postdoc of our group, Dr Nicolas Busatto! We're so excited to be working with you.

June: Well done to Idil for passing her DPhil viva! Woo!

June: Big congratulations to Rachel for submitting her Part II thesis, we'll miss you!

May: Idil has posted a preprint of her DPhil work on BioRxiv, A lipid-based parallel processor for chemical signals!

March: Congratulations to Khoa, who has won an Oxford Chemistry Prize for Excellence in Organic Chemistry following his Transfer of Status to DPhil examination!

March: We have been awarded an EPSRC New Investigator Award to carry out some new research into DNA-polymer conjugates!

January: Welcome to our new rotation student Jose Cabezas-Caballero, from the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP.


November: We're excited to welcome Rachel Sage to the group for her Part II!

October: Mike was recently interviewed by Elsevier Connect, 5 years after receiving a Scopus Early Career Research Award.

October: Good luck to Alaa and Mia for their DPhil's in the Fodor and Brennan groups, respectively.

July: Our review, Controlling gene expression with light: a multidisciplinary endeavour, is out in Biochemical Society Transactions!

March: Florence's DPhil work, Multi-responsive hydrogel structures from patterned droplet networks, has finally been published in Nature Chemistry! There is also a behind the paper blog post and news & views article about the paper.

February: We welcome another DPhil rotation student, Mia Callens, undertaking a Synthesis for Biology and Medicine rotation project joint with the groups of Matthew Langton and Tom Brown.

January: Welcome to Alaa Baazaoui, who is undertaking her Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP rotation project in the group.

January: Idil has written a behind the paper blog post about our Communications Chemistry paper.


December: New Paper! Mike and Idil's work "Controlled deprotection and release of a small molecule from a compartmented synthetic tissue module" has been published in Communications Chemistry!

December: Mike was awarded the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award in Biotechnology at Synthetic Biology UK 2019.

October: Welcome to our first ever Part II in the group, Guige Ben Zhang.

October: Really excited that both Denis and Khoa are staying in the group to undertake their substantive DPhil projects.

July: We're happy to welcome Khoa Chung to the group, who is doing a DPhil rotation project from the SynBio DTC.

June: Very excited to welcome our first Postdoc to the group, Dr Assala Al Samad.

May: Welcome to Denis Hartmann, undertaking a Synthesis for Biology and Medicine DPhil rotation project in the group.

May: Razia has won the People‚Äôs Choice Award in the Three Minute Thesis Competition

April: Merton College has elected Michael as a Supernumerary Fellow

February: Well done to Razia for being selected as a Junior Dean at St John's College


December: Huge congratulations to Florence for passing her DPhil viva!

November: Well done to Idil for completing her transfer of status

October: We're excited that, following his rotation, Jefferson has started his DPhil in the group

October: Congratulations to Florence for submitting her DPhil thesis!

October: Welcome to Giacomo Mazzotti, a new DPhil in our group

September: We had an excellent joint retreat with the Bayley Group in Lisbon, Portugal

August: Welcome to Jefferson Smith, undertaking his second DPhil rotation project from the SynBio DTC in our group

August: Welcome to our new DPhil student Razia Chowdhry, from the Bioscience DTP


Dr Michael J. Booth
Chemistry Research Laboratory
University of Oxford
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